Choosing a Realtor® isn’t always easy.
And you need to choose wisely. After all, whether you are BUYING or SELLING, you will be spending a lot of time with him. You better get along!

You see, when you sign a Buyer Representation Agreement, or Listing Agreement with a Realtor®, it is a legally binding contract, with specific dates and obligations spelling out each parties obligation to the other.

That can be a tad intimidating. What if you get it wrong?

When you work with me, don’t sweat it! Frankly, if you aren’t getting along with me, I’m probably not getting along with you either lol. Neither of us wants that. And now, my Customer Satisfaction Guarantee gives you exactly the out you need! No tears. No begging. You let me know it’s not working out, and we both go our merry way.

Of course, there are a few conditions, but they are clearly spelled out on the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Certificate that we will sign as soon as you begin working with me (with a Buyer Representation Agreement as a Buyer, or a Listing Agreement as a seller).

If this Satisfaction Guarantee gives you the peace of mind you need to know I am the right Realtor® for you, you can contact me today here.

Here’s a scenario:  Bob interviews 2 Realtors®. 

Realtor® number 1 comes well prepared, and tells him that his home will sell for a cool $950,000.00.

Realtor® number 2 is super confident, she claims to know the neighbourhood like the back of his hand!  And she tells Bob that his home will sell for no less than $1,050,000.

That’s a huge price difference!  Which Realtor® should Bob choose? 

Here’s what Bob has at stake:  If Bob is purchasing another home, and counting on the sale proceeds from the first home, his budget will probably come from what he thinks his home will sell for.  So Bob can’t afford to get this wrong.  Sound familiar?  What would you do in Bob’s place?

Sadly, Bob makes the choice that many other Toronto home sellers default towards, he goes with the second agent.  She promised the world, and Bob like the sound of that!  And he really needs the equity out of his home for his next purchase.  He’s already begun looking at better homes, based on his new agent’s promised selling price.    

Sadly, in the end, Bob’s home sells for $970,000, far short of the $1,050,000 his agent promised.  It looks like Realtor® was giving Bob a very realistic, conservative price, based on real data, and a keen understanding of current real estate market trends.  If only Bob had hired that other Realtor® he would have been thrilled with $970k!

PLUS:  He probably wouldn’t have purchased the other home that he did, and found himself stretched financially. 


It’s because of situations like this that I’ve developed the GUARANTEED SALE PRICE system.  I’ve seen situations similar to Bob’s many times, and unfortunately, often home sellers believe what they want to believe.  After all, we all want to believe our home is worth the most, right?  So even after being presented with area sales, and discussing the current market trends, many sellers select their Toronto Real Estate agent based solely on which one says the home will sell for the most money.

I am a huge believer in holding myself to a very high performance standard.  You deserve the best care.  So when you work with me to sell your home or condo, we will look IN DEPTH at neighbourhood sales.  I will talk with you about the price trends we are seeing in your area.  And together, we will agree upon a realistic, attainable, educated selling price.

And that’s when we’ll sign The Jim Emilson Guaranteed Sale Price.  I’m putting my money where my mouth is.  I’m making myself accountable to you. 

If I screw up and your home sells for less than we’ve agreed to and duly noted on the Guaranteed Selling Price Program Certificate, the price difference will come out of my own pocket (up to $5000.00) and back to you. 

Let me tell you a little more about the program in this brief video.

If you’re ready to discuss getting the highest possible selling price for your place, awesome!  Here’s how you can schedule a no-obligation selling consultation.