Jim's Seller Consultation Meeting 

Nobody likes surprises.  So here is the agenda for our initial meeting. 

Whether you have been referred by one of my past clients, or you’ve learned about the Home Selling System from my Facebook/Youtube Channel, or we are old friends, this is how our initial meeting will go.

First, we meet at your home. You tell me about yourself, and about your real estate wants and needs. Why do you want to sell? When? What is your biggest concern (or fear)? Are you planning to buy? Should you sell first, and then buy? Should you renovate? Paint? Improve? Stage? I will help you answer these, and any other, questions.

You may want to offer me coffee (or tea – I’m not fussy). Possibly a pastry. Up to you. No pressure. I call this the “Let’s see if we will work together well meeting”. It’s also when I will point out to you certain steps you SHOULD TAKE FIRST before deciding whether now is the right time to sell your property, including the discussion you need to have with your bank (if a mortgage is involved) PLUS the heart to heart you should have with your accountant (especially if this is an investment property, or the assignment of a condo).

Next, you take me on a tour of the home. I need to know everything. “The good. The bad. The ugly.” The good means you will highlight the features of the home that you absolutely love. (this will become part of the marketing package – more on that later).

“The bad.” Problems you’ve had with the home. Defects such as sewer backup in recent years, asbestos wrapped pipes or floor tile. When selling a home, you do NOT want to cover-up a problem that an unsuspecting buyer is bound to find out – you need to help me protect you. Regardless of what problems you’ve encountered with the home, if any, I can and will protect you, but you need to speak frankly with me.

“The ugly.” We will identify opportunities to maximize your sale value, including small maintenance repairs, painting, decluttering, and staging.

I always come prepared. Before meeting with you I’ve dug into my real estate play book to find other comparable homes that have sold in your neighbourhood. My finger is on the pulse of the CURRENT Toronto real estate market. Is it trending upwards? Is it flat? Are we on a slight downward trend?

Reviewing this data intelligence together will help you to feel very comfortable with an anticipated selling price range for your home.

You are not obligated to select me as your Realtor at this time. In fact – you will not feel pressured in any way. I believe that either you will think I’m the right Realtor for me (and vice versa) or you won’t.

If you feel confident that my track record offers you the best opportunity to sell your home for the highest possible price, with the best terms, and least hassle, I will also be prepared to begin working with you immediately.

The paperwork takes about 15 minutes to complete, and as we review and sign the paperwork together, you will feel well informed of the right and protections you are provided, and the commitment and promises I am making to you.


Here's what happens after you've signed the listing agreement
Here is the outline of what happens after you enlist my services to sell your home for top dollar.

Regardless of how long you’ve lived in the home, we need to have a good idea of the home’s current condition. (Generally a home inspection is carried out on resale houses, NOT condos) We start with a Seller Home Inspection, by the home inspection firm of your choice. You’d be surprised how often we find deficiencies that the home owner isn’t aware of, but that could jeopardize the sale of the home if not caught in advance.

Providing a seller home inspection also reassure’s prospective buyers, and helps to ensure the highest possible selling price.

Oh, and if you’re worried about the cost? I’ve got this one. We’ll discuss the details at your place.

Nobody knows your neighbourhood better than you do. During our pre-listing interview, tell me what you LOVE about your home and neighbourhood. The best bakery. The dry cleaner who goes the extra mile. The little organic coffee shop. The dog walker who has bailed you on a million times. You take this stuff for granted, let me leverage your neighbourhood expertise (coupled with my own) to draw attention to your unique property.

Marketing your home is all about marketing your neighbourhood. That’s because people buy into a neighbourhood FIRST, then they select a home. Understanding the importance of this, I’m very proud to include in my marketing package the services of a world-travelled professional photographer. Aaron has captured streetscapes and architectural scenes all over North America and Europe, and his work has been featured in galleries here in Toronto, in Montreal, and NYC. Selling your home with me includes Aaron capturing the essence of your ‘hood.

Sound expensive? It’s not cheap. But don’t worry – I’ve got this oneJ It’s part of my Home Selling System. We’ll discuss the details at your place.

Video killed the radio star. But if sure can help you sell your home faster and for more money! Did you know that audiences today are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than older traditional media? Or that savvy buyers prefer video content to any other form of home presentation? Or that out of town & out of country buyers prefer video to plain old pictures? We will make your home the star of the neighbourhood.

Doesn’t sound cheap right? But again, that’s not your concern, it’s so important to selling your home faster and at the highest price, that it’s included in the Jim Emilson Home Selling System.

Buyers love to imagine their furniture in the home. And if they are planning renovations, a professional laser measured floor plan is an essential tool. So obviously you want this to be part of your home’s unique marketing, and of course, it’s part of my selling system. Our measuring partner Amy will measure each and every corner of the home, and provide us with a professional grade floor plan, and this becomes part of your homes marketing package.

80% of buyers say that a professionally staged home makes it easier for them to visualize the property as a future home. And 45% of buyers say they are more willing to book a showing of a home that has been staged. So it’s clear that to get your home the most attention, and the highest price, staging is essential. Every home I sell comes with a large staging credit, so don’t worry, we will make this happen without hurting your pocket book.

Digital marketing IS the way to make your home stand out in 2016. From a unique website crafted to market your home, to my unique Facebook and Youtube marketing system designed to generate online leads, my system works. First, I identify the target market for your home (income, geography, age). Then, a digital marketing plan kicks into gear targeting that specific demographic. On average 10,000 + prospective buyers will view and engage with the online prong of your home’s marketing campaign.

Print Magazine and E-Book. Whether prospective buyers are part of the (very large and fast growing) online generation, or they appreciate reading a magazine, we have you covered. For each home, a 12 – 16 page magazine is produced in both PRINT and DIGITAL format. The print version is made available to buyers through the open house, and I don’t mind telling you that buyers LOVE this takeaway. It’s not unusual for them to come back to the second day of the open house with magazine in hand. (it is truly different from anything you will typically see in the Toronto Real Estate market today).

On the other hand, for those who prefer a digital copy, this home selling tool is also made available through the open house and through all other digital marketing initiatives. With live links to neighbourhood information and online tours, the digital version has legs because it’s easily shared with friends and family of prospective buyers.
So that outlines a lot of the stuff that I’m working on for you in the days/week(s) leading up to installing a For Sale Sign, and listing the home on Toronto MLS (and literally hundreds of other real estate marketing websites)

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Finally, to understand why working with me comes with zero risk, and huge rewards, learn about my Home Seller Satisfaction Guarantee.

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