You want to buy a home. But you’re worried. 

You've heard horror stories about bidding wars driving up crazy prices for tear down Toronto shacks (aka fixer-uppers).

You find yourself waking up in a cold sweat imagining that you are the star in Tom Hanks classic 1980’s flick THE MONEY PIT

Everybody you speak to about real estate has a (usually unsolicited) opinion.

“Don't buy now, wait, because prices always go down in August!” “Wait until you have 20 percent down, you can't afford those CMHC FEES!”…to name just a few.

Even if you've purchased real estate before, but it was more than 12 months ago.

I'm telling you right now: It’s a very unique market, and you need to take a different approach to buying Toronto real estate today.

I'm here to help you get into Toronto's hot real estate market the smart and safe way.



This means that each and every home or condo match that you receive is hand-picked, by me, for you. Think of it this way: when you stop into a market to pick up some apples, do you really want the fruit stand sales rep to hand you oranges, tomatoes, and zucchini? No. You want apples.

So rather than bombarding your (already overflowing) inbox with countless home or condo matches that have little to do with your unique wants and needs, I’m only going to send you only the homes that fit your unique profile, personality, neighbourhood.

A second advantage The Home Buying System gives you is immediate priority access. My hand-selected, experienced, and professional group of Mortgage professionals and mortgage brokers will help you get financing options in place BEFORE you begin your home search.

The single biggest mistake that Toronto home buyers make 
is that they tend to put the cart before the horse. They begin their home search BEFORE they have financing commitments in place. Then they fall in love with a house or condo they can’t afford. Or worse, they learn that their dream of home ownership will have to wait because of something unexpected (but fixable) on their credit report.

So before we begin looking at homes together, my network of bankers and Mortgage brokers will provide you, at no cost, a clear picture of your financing capabilities. They will become your financing coach, teaching you how to position your finances to ensure the best possible range of mortgage options. 

THEN when we begin looking at homes, I will make sure to show you the homes that fit into your budget.  You will NEVER feel pressured to purchase above your means when you work with me.

A third plank in my Home Buying System could potentially save you thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the stress that comes when a buyer purchases the wrong home.

One of the biggest challenges you will face when buying a resale home in Toronto today is the competition you face against other buyers. Because most homes are sold in multiple-offer situations (AKA bidding wars), there is unbelievable pressure on buyers to waive conditions that used to be standard in most offers to purchase. 

Too many buyers are purchasing homes WITHOUT HAVING A HOME INSPECTION completed first. As a Realtor®, I consider this insanity. You need to know what you’re purchasing. And so when you work with me as your Realtor®, once you successfully purchase, I will personally reimburse you for up to 2 home inspections, conducted by the home inspection firm of your choice (a value of up to $1000.00) after you successfully buy a home through me for which I am compensated.

Why am I putting my income on the line?

It’s because helping you buy the RIGHT HOME, and avoid the WRONG HOME is my professional duty to you as my client.
Selling you a home is NOT my job. My job is to help you avoid buying the WRONG home.

To start working with me today Contact Me.