If you're finding choosing the right Realtor a bit overwhelming, and you're not quite sure what to look for, read Sally's story.

Sally is getting ready to sell her condo. She loves her home! Sally purchased 5 years ago, after cutting out double fat lattes and weekend getaways to scrimp and save up the down payment. But now Sally wants to move up to her first house. So she will need a Realtor to help her with selling and buying.

Ivanka, the realtor Sally used to help her buy the condo, seemed ok at the time. But she was often late for their appointments, was slow to return Sally's calls, and strangely, Sally never heard from her after the deal was done. Oh, aside from the yearly fridge magnet she got in the mail, featuring a picture of Ivanka that Sally was certain was at least 10 years old and photo shopped beyond belief. Aside from the little chuckle those 5 fridge magnets gave her, Sally really didn't feel any connection to Ivanka. 

Sally has a friend Bill who recently became a realtor, but Sally’s not sure how well Bill is doing, since he is still working part-time to make ends meet. Plus, Bill doesn’t own real estate of his own, and so Sally isn’t sure if Bill is the right agent for her.

Sally’s uncle Bobby is a Realtor too. She knows Bobby would be thrilled to be her Realtor; his wife has mentioned to Sally on numerous occasions how he really needs the business. But Sally is worried because she’s not sure how experienced Bobby is either. He seems a little bit desperate. Plus if she goes down the relative route, it could make things super awkward at the next family reunion if things don't work out well. Family is very important to Sally, so she decides to keep business and family separate. 

Every day Sally notices The Giganto Real Estate Team’s billboard in her neighbourhood, heck, they even say “We are your neighbhourhood Realtors!” And “We are number 1!” It definitely seems like The Giganto Team is successful, those billboards must be soooooo expensive. And wow, all of the agents on the billboard look like they just stepped off the catwalk at a Paris Fashion Show.

The thing is, Sally is more a Crema Café, Dark Horse Café gal, than a Tim Hortons, McDonalds patron. Personal service is super important to her, and Sally is worried that The Giganto Real Estate Team will offer more of an “assembly line” experience. Plus she secretly finds the bragginess of the “We are number 1” motto a little tacky. Sally wonders, if they are Number One, what does that make her?

And besides that, Sally has heard that when you work with the big Teams, after the listing or purchase agreement is signed, you are most-often handed off to one of the team's still wet behind he ears rooky realtors. Sally wants to know every detail is cared for by an experienced professional Realtor. 

What should Sally do?  Here is Jim’s advice:

So here are Jim’s Toronto Real Estate Board stats, and how his stats compare to the average Toronto Realtor.

Average sale (2015-2016)

TREB Average Realtor: $645,950
JIM $722,882
Jim’s average sale price is 11.91 % higher than the average Toronto Realtor. Or put another way, he sells homes for $76,932.65 more than the average agent.

Days ON market average (2015-2016)

TREB 22.7 days
JIM 4.5 days

Jim sells homes on average 18 days faster than the average Toronto Realtor

Of the 42,237 Realtors in Toronto (as at July 7, 2016) Jim is in the top 2.98 percentile.

WHAT DO THESE STATISTICS MEAN FOR SALLY THE HAPPY HOME SELLER? They mean that if SALLY interviews 100 Realtors, Jims performance will be higher than 97. The proof is in the pudding. Since most people interview only a couple of realtors, you can see that chances are, selling with Jim gives Sally the greatest likelihood of selling her house or condo for top price, in the shortest amount of time. 

 is the that Jim has a 100% success record selling every single house or condo that he has listed. If Jim says it will sell, you can take his words to the bank.

Jim won’t just LIST Sally’s condo, Jim will SELL Sally’s condo. It’s what he does best, and Sally can have complete trust in Jim. Plus Jim's buyer clients pay, on average, 6.52% less than if they worked with the Average Toronto Realtor to purchase a home (which means his buyers save on average $42,871)

That's why Jim doesn't invest in fancy Billboards, Bus Shelters, park benches, or other costly advertisements that clutter our world. His numbers speak for themselves, and his past clients speak for him. To learn exactly why Jims clients refer him over and over again click here.

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